March 10-16, GDWS goes to Aalto Univ. Finland

I have been staying in Helsinki from March 10 to 16. This time, I am here as a director of the Global Design WorkShop in the GCL (Global Creative Leader!) program, the University of Tokyo, which aims to encourage graduate school students in ICT related areas to be more societally and globally active, and well connected to public and industrial social sectors.


GCL has fully launched in this April for six years. We are on the preliminary stage to prepare a student-generated workshop system for their bodily understanding of academic knowledge and for their abilities of designing workshops in their research fields.


Associate professor Hideki Koizumi in community design and urban planning and I as a media researcher have been running side by side to develop academic networks with Aalto people: Hideki with community design of the engineering school, Shin with media studies of the art & design, architect school. Now Hideki and Shin have collaborated together to make the Aalto University as a main Nordic hub for GDWS activities.


Hideki, me and other 4 graduate school students and other Japanese colleague researchers have been making presentations, discussions, site visits, etc. for about one week. Also SAUNA! for understanding an important element of Finnish culture.
And, I am offering a prayer for all the people who had passed away and been missing in the 3.11. Never forget and try our best in our own ways.