19/10 Research Students Camp&presentation 2013

There was the annual camp of the iii research students (Joho Gakkan Kenkyusei Gasshuku), October 12-14 2013 at the Miyamoto so, Chichibu, Saitama.








About 40-50 research students made 14 research group to do their presentations for three days, with tones of discussion and drinking. From around mid-90s, I have been joining these camps almost every year. Exhausted but lot of funs.


















Unfortunately, I could attend only the daytime of October 12th (Sat).

On October 19th (Sat), there was a presentation meeting of the camp 2013, the Fukutake learning Studio, Hongo campus. The day was the Home Coming Day of the iii (Joho Gakkan) and UTokyo. Research students used cardboards to do their presentations.