June 27, start a new magazine “5: Designing Media Ecology”

Dear all,
Now, we are going to publish a new and small magazine at the end of June. Using both English and Japanese. Biannual.
The title is “5: Designing Media Ecology.”
Yoshitaka Mori, Osamu Sakura and I are the board members.

From now on, we will gradually launch online services, events
such as symposiums and workshops. We are going to cultivate a small media ecosystem.

On Sunday July 6th, there will be the Kickoff symposium at the Fukutake Hall, Hongo campus, the University of Tokyo.
Please, please check out our website.
And join our media community.

Cover design of vol. 1

Cover design of vol. 1

『5:Designing Media Ecology』といいます。



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