July 18: Summer Intensive Shin-Seminar has started!

The summer intensive Shin-seminar (zemi) is an annual ritual since early in 2000s.
In this summer, it was held both in July 18 and 19, the first weekend of the summer vacation in Japan.
There are totally seven presentations.


First Day: Saturday July 18

Saturday July 18th
Kayin Chen (Art and Politics in Contemporary China), Yoko Fujishima (Fashion Exhibition in the Museum), Takuya Futatsugi (Media Studies on Browser Software), Mari Iwabuchi (Re-Design of Illustrated Encyclopedia)


2nd Day: Sunday July 19

Sunday July 19th
Minjoo Lee (Social Construction of Poverty in Japan since 1990s), Norikazu Matsubara (Cultural History of Toys as Gifts), Yuto Nakashima (Communication Studies on Praise and Ridicule about Volunteer Activities).

They should spend hard summer for their researches. Fighting!

Shin Mizukoshi