Autumn 2015: Shin Staying in Helsinki

Dear all,

I am going to stay in Helsinki for six weeks in the autumn 2015  as a visiting researcher of the department of social research, faculty of social science, University of Helsinki.


From October 2014 to September 2016, we have been developing the Finnish-Japanese research project, Storyplacing: Co-Design of Digital Storytelling System with Geographic Information, funded both by Academy of Finland and JSPS, Japan.

Mikko Villi, associate professor of the University of Helsinki and the Finnish director of Storyplacing has kindly accepted me.

We are going to develop several experimental workshops both in the beautiful harbor city of Hanko and in the vivid Kallio town of Helsinki in September. I look forward to collaborating with Kari-Hans Kommonen, Kyttä Marketta of Aalto University and other young colleagues of Finland with our Japanese team members.


Other days, I will concentrate on my book writing.

And exploring the history of media and communication researches in Finland and Nordic countries.

I will try to be a stoic and punctual Buddhist monk in northern city of design.