Oct 8. Finished the 1st Seminar of Media Infra

Dear all,

On Monday October 8th, 2018, we have just successfully finished the first international seminar of the New Literacy for Media Infrastructure Project (Director: Shin Mizukoshi). Emeritus Prof. David Buckingham of Loughborough University, Prof. Mariko Murata of Kansai University, and Prof. Hidenori Watanave of University of Tokyo, and about 50 registered guests: researchers, students, media practitioners, engineers and artists got together at the Fukutake Hall of the University of Tokyo, and had an intensive and thought-provoking event.

Detailed report will be up in one month.

Thank you for all the participants and supporters to hold such an interesting kick-off event.

Shin Mizukoshi

P.S. The following is the poster of the event.