Launching an independent nexus: INSTeM


On July 1, 2022, Osamu Sakura and I launched a foundation called INSTeM (Inter-field Network for Science, Technology and Media Studies) with a donation from Yang Hyun Chun, a Korean digital media entrepreneur.

The full-scale launch is this fall.

It will succeed and develop the activities of “5: Designing Media Ecology.”

Stay tuned!

2022年7月1日、佐倉統さんと私は、韓国のデジタル・メディアの起業家である千良鉉さんの寄附によって、INSTeM(インステム:Inter-field Network for Science, Technology and Media Studies)という財団を立ち上げました。


『5:Designing Media Ecology』の活動を継承、発展させていく予定です。


Listen to ICA Podcast: One World, One Network?

I had a joyful online meeting with Chen Changfeng (China) and Myria Georgiou (U.K.) hosted by Jack Qiu (Singapore) last year. It was edited and is now on the ICA Podcast Network as the third episode of “One World, One Network?.”

“One World, One Network!?” is the central theme of the 72nd ICA Conference. So, our podcast pieces are preludes of the event in Paris.

Logo mark of One World, One Network!?

I am afraid I will not able to join the ICA 2022.

But this kind of net services will help global researchers to keep their network easily.

Be Chimera: My first and last interview by iii

I was given my first and last interview by the PR Committee of the University of Tokyo’s Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies (iii).
In the first half of the interview, I talked about the process of establishing the discipline of media studies in Japan and the interdisciplinary and practical media theory I promoted at the iii.


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放送大学「メディア論 ’22」スタート!


With Yutaka Iida (Ritsumeikan University) and Xueyan Liu (Kansai University), I will be a lecturer in Media Studies at The Open University of Japan for four years from April 2022.

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関西大学へ異動します Transferring to Kansai University

みなさま(English follows)



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